A Tiny World Where Every Dream Comes True

This guy spent 2 years to create this series called “Tiny Wasteland”. The series features miniature figures placed next to everyday objects so as to create the illusion of microscopic worlds.

What could be better than a pineapple mountain or a giant marshmallow?

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#1 Marshmallow Fields

Marshmallow Fields

#2 Harvest


#3 Lake Sink

Lake Sink

#4 Pinnaple Mountain

Pinnaple Mountain

#5 Sardine Holidays

Sardine Holidays

#6 Unlimited Happiness

Unlimited Happiness

#7 Truck Vs. Liverwurst-Wagon

Truck Vs. Liverwurst-Wagon

#8 Are We Sure About This Size?

Are We Sure About This Size?

#9 Definitely Not Bio

Definitely Not Bio

#10 Santa After Duty

Santa After Duty


#11 Thanksgiving Fly

Thanksgiving Fly

#12 Finish Him!

Finish Him!


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