Guy Behind Brutal “Pig Prank” Responds To Hate After Story Goes Viral

Things are really starting to get interesting in this cruel prank that went viral yesterday. One side is saying one thing, while the pranker is taking the whole other side!

The dude behind it is speaking out.

Jesse Mateman became a target of hatred on the internet yesterday when a story emerged that he invited a girl to fly from Manchester to Amsterdam, only to tell her she had been ‘pigged’. ‘Pull a Pig’ is a ‘game’ where guys try and get with the ugliest girl they can find.

LadBible: Sophie Stevenson was mortified when she arrived at Schiphol Airport, excited to reunite with the man whom she met in Barcelona, only to receive that devastating message.

People on social media were quick to label him a ‘coward’, ‘a f*cking twat’ and ‘a bellend’; but he insists that he’s the victim and the whole story is ‘fully invented’.

He told a newspaper: “I do not know that whole game and nobody in my area. I’m just being broken here. After that [online] piece, my parents, my sister and I [have been] threatened. It’s a witch hunt. ”

Sophie says the pair met in a Barcelona hotel just after the terror attack which claimed 13 lives and injured a further 130 people. She said “We were there for four more days, and felt safe while we were with them, so we hung out loads. It was a proper holiday romance for Jesse and me. We slept together in Barcelona and when I came back to the UK, we carried on talking every day. We talked about having a long distance relationship.”

However Jesse has another version of how it all went down: “I never had a romance with her. I’ve been in the hotel room with her, but I never sleep. We were not in love, as suggested.

“The messages contained in those tabloids are either made by Sophie or by the newspapers, because I did not send them.”

Various newspapers have posted screenshots of the message that Jesse allegedly sent, but they’re all through different text platforms like Snapchat, Whatsapp or iMessage.

The humiliated girl’s mum, Julie, said Sophie got excited every time Jesse called her, but Jesse denies that as well, saying: “After Barcelona, I did not have any telephone contact with her. In fact, I wonder if Sophie has been at Schiphol anyway. I have no idea.”

Sophie’s dad has also weighed in on the situation, telling the Sun: “As soon as I heard, I wanted to go over there and find him. It would be awful for it to happen to anybody, but for it to happen to my daughter is disgusting. It’s awful to think of.

“She is a beautiful, confident, gorgeous girl and how dare that b*****d do anything like this.”

This seems to be a completely different message than what Sophie is saying.

She was allegedly stood up by Dutchman Jesse Mateman, who she says sent her a message saying ‘you were pigged’, following her arrival in the Netherlands.

Sophie, 24, who had forked out £350 ($461) for the trip, managed to reply to him: “How could you be so cruel though!” before she was blocked.

Her story went viral, with many people damning the Dutchman for his alleged actions.

Jesse hit out at Sophie’s claims, however, and said he was a target of hatred on the internet.

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