Child Abducted After Being Forced To Stand Outside At 3AM For Not Drinking Milk

Parent of the year award… What. Are. You. Thinking… First, why are you having a 3-year old up drinking milk at 3… Second, do you need to make this the punishment at 3! Take away something for a week. What are you really going to accomplish with this?

Texas police are searching for 3-year-old Sherin Mathews, who disappeared after being sent outside alone as punishment for not drinking her milk. Her father was arrested for child endangerment, and she is thought to be in grave and immediate danger.

Sgt. Kevin Perlich confirmed the father did not report the child missing until five hours later, adding that it was “concerning”.

Sherin suffers from developmental issues and has limited verbal communication skills.

Investigators said she was last seen wearing a pink top and black pajama bottoms.

The FBI is assisting Richardson Police with the investigation. 3yo Sherin Mathews has not been seen since 3am Saturday

“Wesley Mathews told Richardson detectives he knew coyotes had been seen in the alley where he left his daughter.”

Church elder says Sherin Mathews’ mother is depressed. Says he can’t speak on behalf of the father, Wesley, arrested for child endangerment.

Sherin’s father is being held on $250k bond for endangering a child.

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